Kickstarter Rewards


Before bringing Kickstarter live, friends, family, and business associates looked over my Kickstarter platform. One question I heard repeatedly. Why are you going on about the details, value and material used for the rewards? The answer is simple. The folks that support "The Wizard Was Odd" Trilogy, deserve the best and I want you to know you are getting just that.


I am grateful for each contribution and I am compelled to show my gratitude with unique high quality, long-lasting rewards worthy of your generosity. In that these prints and books are numbered collectibles, I have a process of documentation to ensure that the ownership interests of my patrons are protected. The security and peace of mind applies to those that you transfer, gift, or bequeath.

All of the rewards will be use durable materials to retard aging. It is critical that each work, throughout the years, retains their vibrant colors and the fine nuances of their details, to serve their primary purpose: enjoyment, and entertainment.


Limited Edition Prints For Rewards

Giclee is a printing process for digital fine art. Your prints will use Claria Photographic 6-color ink on A-3 Epson Matte Heavyweight Premium Presentation Paper (167 g/m2) (Wilhelm-Research - Paper and Ink Longevity) or Lomond Matt paper, A-3, 230 g/m2. Ruslan Vigovsky, the artist, will oversee the production and printing, sign, number, and emboss each print.


I was curious and researched canvas as a medium.  The opinion of many artists and aficionados is that canvas works best with paintings because a painter can select an appropriate color to compensate for the textured effect of a canvas surface. Each of your rewards, is digital art. Each scene was created on a flat surface and cannot compensate for the fine nuances, texture, and minute imperfections of canvas. To embellish the point:

First, the appearance of the printed image on canvas can vary significantly depending upon the lighting and the angle in which the image is viewed. Minor imperfections are characteristic of canvas surfaces and will catch the light at lots of different angles. The main effect of this is to lighten the shadow areas of the print.

The same textured characteristics of canvas tends to hide small details. Though this effect is less pronounced on bigger prints, our images are very detailed and mid-sized in that the prints will be on A-3 stock.

My primary concern with using canvas is the effect it can have on vivid colors. Printed colors tend to come through quite well on canvas, however, vivid colors tend to be toned down considerably. Our art is vivid! 


Patronage For Limited Edition Print Rewards:

The amounts include protective packaging and shipping/postage from Tampa Florida. Delivery costs to Canada and overseas are crazy. Please believe me when I say that your additional contribution in some cases does not fully cover the costs of shipping.  I have spent considerable energy trying to make these prints affordable to almost everyone. Please bear in mind that I must pay the artist for each print, plus overseas shipping from the Ukraine to Tampa, then unpack and inspect each work, carefully repack it, and finally send it to you. Four scenes have been completed. Once Kickstarter funds my project, I will have sufficient funds to commission twelve more. Fine art prints will be sold in bundles of one, two, four, eight, and the complete collection of sixteen.



Book Rewards

PAPERBACK - also referred to as perfect bound.  This is ONE volume containing both the first and second book of the trilogy. This type of printed publication is called a flip book. It is 840 approx pages. The front and back of the book, each have their own cover art. After you read through the first book, approx 400 pages, you flip it over and start book two from the back The paper is 50# natural and the cover is 4-color process with gloss film lamination. The paperback contains identical text and images as the hard cover edition. 

SUPPORTER'S HARDCOVER EDITIONS - TWO SEPARATELY PRINTED HARDCOVER VOLUMES. Each publication will be casebound in an aging-resistant black kid leatherette with a rounded back, headbands, footbands and  gold stamping on the spine and front cover.

PATRON'S LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION - BOTH SUPPORTER'S EDITIONS, but each volume will have a four-color dust jacket and each hardcover will be numbered and signed by the author.

BENEFACTOR'S HEIRLOOM COMMEMORATIVE EDITIONS - These casebound volumes differ in color, texture, and superior longevity. Each rounded back edition comes with foot and headbands, and gold stamping. However, each volume of this Heirloom Series will be fitted with the 115th Commemorative Anniversary dust jacket. And the inside pages of the book cover will incorporate a four-color map of Western Oz. And each volume will be signed, UNIQUELY INSCRIBED, and numbered by the author.



Map of Western Oz - Signed and Numbered by Artist Christian Stiehl 

28" X 36" Color Poster on 80# Glossy - incredible detail! Shipped in a large heavy-duty cylinder