This website is a work-in-process...

With a new spin on the "Wizard of Oz", (Toto's Tale and Trail of Tears) I am finding exceptional interest from Oziian Aficionados. However, I am also finding an almost equal allure from Unpublished writers and those considering or having experience with self-publishing. In that two of the three book WizardWasOdd series are completed, the focus of this site is documenting and sharing my journey in planning a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, digital and paper publishing, and conveying word of this series and media to the tribes most apt to appreciate them.


Check out some of the links and blogs...also, be sure to check out the 1910 Wizard of Oz movie in the left column of this web page - it is hysterical and very short.


Evolution of a Map of Western Oz - a completed blog that documented the evolution of a map of Western Oz. Finding a cartographer, trying how best to convey my vision, and months of going back and forth tweaking the details. This blog includes images at each stage. The map was completed in July. I am considering commissioning a map of Eastern Oz, but may wait until I am funded through Kickstarter.

Character/Scene Development - an active blog that documented my artist selection to design the cover pages for the book, Facebook, Kickstarter, and this website. In addition, it is an on-going almost daily timeline of interaction between the artist and me with respect to the development of character and scene images. I am not an artist, so trying to describe my visions are a challenge - both to my artist and me.

A Brick at a Time is a blog that began in the fall of 2014 with the completion of two of the three book series.It is an ongoing recounting of the gyrations, bumps, and humps of pulling together - Kickstarter, digital publishing, the manuscript edits, website creation, limited art creation, social media and understanding the process of the physical publication of books.  There is much more, check out the blog. 

About the Trilogy...regardless of what part of the blogs you start in, this will get you up and running immediately.

Note: I derive my income from a property management business. It pays my bills and the approximately $15,000 outlay that I have spent as of 03/20/17.  Several months ago, my business experienced tremendous growth and I have had to put this on the back burner.  Since and during that time, I developed some additional art scenes, worked out the Spanish translation through a translator and moved forward at a very slow but inconsistent pace.  The time I had to update the blogs in this site went by the wayside. Once I engage Kickstarter, I will resume blogging as I have a grave responsibility to those patrons who have entrusted me with their contributions.  Peeky 03/20/17.